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Great for Tough Mudder

I picked these up to protect my iPhone 15 Pro Max while participating in a Tough Mudde and they not only kept my phone scratch-free and dry, but they held up to everything that Tough Mudder could throw at it. Overall, an affordable and great find!

Work well

These bottles are cute, practical, and TSA approved. They work well. The labels are a bit on the chintzy side though. They are super small and don't stick well, so you need to remember what you put in each bottle. Quality silicone material and the caps all seem strong and have been leakproof so far. Priced well. Overall, I recommend.

Fits a lot, cute colors

I really like that this is a squeeze bottle. Love the colors, too. Fits a lot of product in it, and are perfect for traveling.

TSA Travel Bottles

I used this product to hold supplies for my infant while traveling on a plane for vacation. The product works well and did not spill. My favorite thing about the product is the BPA free silicone used.

Perfect size and cute colors

"I purchased these containers for my 20-year-old daughter who frequently goes on trips with her friends. My intention was for her to refill these containers instead of buying new products each time she goes on a trip. She tends to go through things quickly and I dislike seeing the waste and cost associated with it. However, I find these containers to be adorable and flexible, allowing her to retrieve every last bit of product without any waste."

Great Quality and Practical!

I've had a few sets of silicone travel bottles in the past and these are my favorite. Others ive used do not stand up on their own (upside down) but these do. So, it's easy to use every bit of the product. They also do not pop out of the plastic lid attachment - I've had plenty in the past where the lids pop off during travel and my conditioner/shampoo/lotion has just exploded everywhere. These on the other hand feel very sturdy. They are excellent quality, nicely priced, with great colors to choose from. Highly recommend!

Great waterproof phone holder

Got these to put her phones in on our cruise. I want to make sure our phones don’t get wet if it rains or if it falls into the water. These holders are very easy to use. They seal up nicely and should do the job of keeping her phones dry. For the price I’m happy.

I love this! It’s super easy to use.

This is such a nice product it works perfectly for shampoo and conditioner! I also like this for body lotion and body wash.

Phones survived a week in Hawaii

I get that these are made for water, but my heart skips a beat every time our phones are submerged because it would be so expensive to replace them! I didn't have time to water-test these cases before our trip so I blindly trusted them, and they didn't let me down! Not a single drop on our phones! Our phones fit easily in the the pouches in their Otterboxes. The phones were iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. It was easy to get them in and out with the latches. I appreciate that the lanyard is flat because it doesn't dig into your skin like a string or rope (we have another case with a rope and it was rough). I do wish it was longer, though. I would have given it 5 stars if the lanyard was a little longer. If you wear it just around your neck, it's fine, but as you're swimming around, especially with currents and waves, it can spin around and choke a bit. I prefer to wear it over my head and one shoulder. It's doable at this length, but a little awkward. Also, we weren't able to use the touch screen underwater. We had to set photos to a 3 second delay, surface, press the photo button, put the phone back in the water, and hope for the best. That, or press video above surface. And we had to press hard. I'm not removing any stars for this because I think it's because we had Otterboxes on the phones and it was probably too many layers for the touch screen to work properly.

2 out of the 3 worked

I like the bottles, but disappointed that only 2 of the 3 worked.

Good travel bottle 4-pack

They come in a clear packaging case that you can use to travel with them together. They feel really soft on the outside actually and the ribbed sides make it easy to hold onto them in the shower. It comes with stickers too that you can use to label each one with things like shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc.

Nice material and easy to squeeze

These are perfect to use for travel. They are easy to squeeze and fill.

Fully Allowed 100 ml Bottles

I really like these bottles. They are thick, but easy to squeeze and easy to fill. They come in a handy carrying bag. But, one thing I really like is that they are bigger than 3 ounces. Many people don’t realize that the TSA actually allows 100 ml (yep, metric system like the rest of the world) which is approximately 3.4 ounces. They usually take a more simplistic approach and tell us Americans 3 ounces is the limit (rather that 3.4 ounces, or 100 milliliters). It’s nice to have bottles that give you that “extra” little bit that is allowable. There are a lot of reasons to like these bottles and I would order them again if I need more.

Great size & Heavy duty

I love the size of these bottles, they are perfect for a week long get away so you can store all of the soap, shampoo and conditioner that you may need. It also comes with a bonus clear travel bag that they all fit nicely in, which is a bonus! Would definitely recommend to a friend!

Camera Phone Pouch Is Ultra Waterproof But Makes Taking Photos More Difficult

Vacationing in Mexico I saw several people in the swimming pool with their phones taking photos of the views. I wanted to but was afraid of getting my camera wet. With this waterproof case I no longer have to worry. The case opens easily, shuts firmly and stays shut. I tested it by spraying the back with my kitchen faucet with my phone inside. Not only did the phone and insides stay bone dry, but the water dripping down the back covering the lenses did not affect the quality of the photos. The plastic screen in general does not affect the quality of the photos. I took one star off because although you can take photos touching the screen through the plastic I had to press down hard, sometimes two or three times, to activate the camera. This goes for the other camera functions as well. So if you are looking for a waterproof case this is great. But if you want to take action photos you may not be able to activate the photo button in time to get the shot you want. Also although I got two cases, my package only came with one lanyard. Other than that I recommend this phone pouch.

Exactly what I needed

The soft silicone is nice to the touch, but with the texture it's easy to hold, even when wet. The colors are different enough to clearly be different items, but similar in color spectrum to look nice together. Overall, very nice and will be useful for travel.

Squishy travel toiletry set

These little bottles hold 3.4 ounces each. I did a water test on these bottles before decanting any toiletries in them. Even under a little 'squeeze' pressure, these bottles held fast without leaking. I ordered these items to hold shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and a facial toner. The color variation in each bottle will help me remember which bottle holds each travel item. I didn't realize when I ordered that this set also contains tiny peel-off labels so each bottle can be labeled (and re-labeled when you change the contents of the bottle). Nice additional feature so I don't have to rely solely on my color-coding strategy.


I have some mini perfumes that are in glass tubes that are easily breakable and I wanted to find something else to put them in. These are perfect for that! Perfect for traveling, to put in your purse or luggage. The only problem I had was trying to figure out how to use it at first because I'd never used one. The directions that came were picture illustrations that were not very clear. Once I figured it out though, it's very easy. Overall recommend!


Great phone protection ! Perfect fit for my Galaxy S21

great little set of travel bottles

I'm very happy with this set of travel bottles. I previously ordered a different type that had a firmer plastic bottle that seemed more suited for thinner liquids like a light soap or shampoo. I mainly get these for sunscreen, and those often are a thicker type of viscous lotion. The previous set I had were very difficult to dispense out of since the bottle was harder to squeeze and apply even pressure for getting the lotion out of. These bottles on the other hand are great! They're a soft silicone material that are soft touch, and the lid design is also excellent since it has a membrane layer at the actual opening to prevent accidental leakage, and the membrane poofs open when you squeeze the bottle with enough pressure making it very easy to dispense a controlled amount of lotion. I've tested it with a thick mineral based sunscreen from Blue Lizard and it works great. Also tested squeezing the bottle with the cap closed, and it feels very airtight so I'm confident it won't leak even with the pressure change on the airplane. The bottle material is also stretchy and flexible so it should withstand the stresses of being expanded and contracted. The colors included with the set are very nice, a soft pastel blend variety so it would actually be a good visual differentiator between different lotions since the bottles are opaque and not easy to see what's inside. That could be the only downside of this type of bottle but there is also an included set of labels covering all the different essentials one might carry in these bottles, which could easily stick on the rim of the lid. I also appreciated the inclusion of the clear zipper bag which perfectly fits all 4 bottles making it great for organization in a travel pack. Overall highly recommend this set of travel bottles for anyone needing to bring just the right quantity of liquids to get through TSA with a carry-on bag.

very nicely made

these are sturdy - not too floopy and came in a great little container of their own

Does the job and protects our phones

These cases passed the waterproof test without issue. It’s a tight fit with the case and Pop Socket on my phone but it did fit without too much of a struggle. I’m concerned it might tear at the top because the opening is where it’s a bit snug. All the phone functions worked well through the plastic screen.

Fit great and no leaks

These are perfect. They fit my s22 ultra with no issues even with a pop socket on the back. No straining on the material and they close tightly. No water leaks.

Exactly what I wanted

So there are a lot of different iterations of these silicone travel containers that are exactly 100ml. Some nest in each other and are tremendously overpriced. They are also really heavy. These ones are the best of both worlds because they're not cheap silicone, and provide the same three layer leakage protection and air pressure/altitude protection, but you won't get charged a ridiculous amount for two nesting containers. Couldn't be more happy!

Nice Mini Perfume Bottle Set

These little perfume bottles are so cute! They are perfect for a purse or travel. I ordered them so I'm able to keep a small bottle of perfume in my car. I had a body spray that took up way too much space in my console and was always in the way. These little bottles will be a perfect fit!